WOW! Fresh New York Bagels Delivered right to your front door?
Outside of a few select areas, a quality bagel is hard to come by. The little things we take for granted. But lucky for you, Bagel Kings of New York ships authentic, Fresh, New York bagels anywhere in the United States.
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“There's nothing like a New York Bagel”

Whether you used to live in New York or someone who visits often, when you come to New York, what are the two things you MUST have before you leave?

Pizza and Bagels!

What is it about a New York bagel? Is it the water? The type of oven used?

Bagel Kings of New York says it's both—plus having 40 years’ experience and a recipe that can deliver that perfect bagel: crispy on the outside, moist and fluffy on the inside.

It’s NOT a Bagel if It Isn’t a New York Bagel

Trying to get a decent bagel outside of New York always leads to disappointment. You wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you know exactly what would hit the spot: a delicious New York bagel, hot and fresh, delivering the right textures and the perfect flavor to make your weekend.

Here’s what you get instead: a sad bagel from the freezer section of your grocery store, popping out of your toaster all dense and leathery.

Or you venture out to the local bagel shop in your town, hopeful that it can deliver the goods. You see the baskets of various bagels on display and you’re optimistic, but with the first bite, reality comes rushing in. The textures are all wrong. It’s chewy. It’s thick. It might even be dry.

The textures are all wrong. It’s chewy. It’s thick. It might even be dry. Whatever this is you’re eating, it isn’t a bagel.
Get New York Bagels Now!
Bagel Kings makes fresh bagels daily and ships the same day.


If you think you’re alone in this, you’re not. Outside of New York, inferior bagels are nearly everyone’s problem. This is where Bagel Kings comes in.

What you get with Bagel Kings isn’t a better grocery store bagel, or even a decent replica of a New York bagel. It’s an actual New York bagel made fresh and shipped the same day.

Bagel Kings is making the dream a reality: no matter where in the country you live, you can enjoy an authentic, high-quality New York bagel.

This is how it works:

You hop onto the Bagel Kings website and select your bagel box. You can go for an assortment of popular flavors, or you can select each individual flavor to make up your custom box. Maybe you’re feeling half-savory, half-sweet and want to split your dozen between everything and cinnamon raisin. You might be a poppy seed or a sesame seed person. Maybe you need a dozen amazingly perfect pumpernickel bagels. Maybe you can’t live if there isn’t a good salt or egg onion bagel in the mix.

Whatever makes your perfect dozen, Bagel Kings is ready to make it happen.

Once they’re baked and ready to go, Bagel Kings packages up your bagels and ships them that day, and arrive at your doorstep within 1-2 days.

When that box arrives, you know you’ve received something special.

It’s not just that you’ve gotten the real deal, which is to say authentic Long Island bagels

(everyone knows that the best bagels in New York come from Long Island)

It’s something more. There’s something magical about enjoying genuine regional cuisine. Your town might be 3,000 miles away from New York, but when you bite into a real New York bagel, the nostalgia just floods in.

A small part of what’s best about New York is right there in your kitchen, and with every amazing bite it’s like you’re transported there. Learn more...
Bagel Kings bagels come from an authentic New York bagel bakery utilizing a tried and true recipe that consistently delivers the delicious, hand-rolled, boiled and baked bagels you’re expecting. Whether you’re from New York or just love it, now you can savor its iconic taste—wherever you may be.
Some Other Great Things about Bagel Kings Bagels:
  • Bagel Kings ships fresh, delicious bagels anywhere within the continental United States.
  • Bagel Kings bagels are made with top-quality ingredients using a time-tested recipe.
  • Bagels will arrive in 1-2 days in air-tight packaging that ensure the utmost in freshness.
  • FREE 2-Day Shipping on all orders
  • Customize your bagel box. Choose the bagel flavors you want.
As of , Bagel Kings is offering FREE 2- DAY SHIPPING to our readers. If you want to enjoy fresh New York bagels than order today.

Click the link to get access to the promotion. Enjoy!

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